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It’s the california gold rush one-day Workshop

The single-most common reason people fail is they lack a master plan and real-world implementation strategies.


We Do Things Differently. . .

We build you a master plan based on your personal goals with implementation strategies and provide you a hands-on coach to achieve a better than 90% success rate.

Our Company is built on these values

Hands-On Mentorship

We Can Help You

  • Find the Deal
  • Analyze the Deal
  • Write the Deal
  • Fund the Deal
  • Make Money – Lots of it!

Affordable Education

Learn from Millionaire Practitioners Who Have Done Thousands of Deals

  • Residential/Commercial
  • Discounted Notes
  • Buy and Hold
  • Fix and Flips
  • Wholesale
  • Bird Dogging
  • Online training Academy
  • Webinars
  • Live Streams
  • Meetup Training Events
  • National Training Events

Local Community & Support

Your Community Will Bring You Opportunities

  • Meet Wholesalers
  • Meet Flippers
  • Meet Contractors
  • Meet Realtors
  • Meet Note Experts
  • Meet Top Investors
  • Private Money Lenders

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Meet Us in Sacramento August 4, 2018


The California Gold Rush!


This one-day, hands-on get ‘er done workshop puts you in the driver’s seat with step-by-step instructions from five top real estate trainers and mentors who have coached thousands of investors to success!

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Active projects

The Grove

We believe this to be the best investment opportunity to come along in quite some time.  If a positive cash flow of $2,200 or more with nothing to fix, flip or maintain interests you (and you’d also like a real vacation hot spot for yourself from time to time) then this is what you’ve been looking for.


Coby Lewis

I joined Gary and his team in 2017 and since then have flipped 5 homes in the last 18 months. The education is affordable, and surpassed my expectations.

The mentorship MORE than paid itself back on my first deal. The education really helped me to think outside the box on how to find deals. To me, the most important thing is that Gary and his team care about my successes and he takes the time to talk to me. I would highly recommend Gary (and his Leadership Team) as a mentors.

Ana Fatima Costa

During the housing crisis, I was in a quandary about what to do about my home. There were many repairs needed, but as the single mother of teen boys, working full time, I had nothing to spare. I met Ginger at a networking event and immediately liked her. Ginger has a sharp mind, vast knowledge of real estate, huge heart, great sense of humor, keen ability to really listen to what your needs are and take action.


After Ginger gave me her expert assessment of my options, I made a decision to sell the property. She immediately scheduled open houses and showed up for every one. She found cash buyers and went to bat with the bank, which threw every roadblock in our path to a resolution. During that entire ordeal, Ginger remained engaged, responsive, and supportive. She was an angel, and I will be forever grateful.

Mark Brisebois

I have been an executive in a fortune 500 company and have run a successful nationwide multifamily wholesaling investing and training company. When I met Gary I was extremely impressed with his mentorship and coaching skills.

His exceptional knowledge and success to share marketing techniques that works is the core of a successful business.

If I can learn from Gary anyone can improve and grow their business. I am fortunate to know Gary as a business associate but more importantly I am proud to call him my friend.

Teri Shaffer

When I was selling my home due to a nasty divorce, I consulted Ginger for her advice on which remodeling efforts would help with a quick sale, for top dollar. Her advice was spot on and although it was a difficult situation, having Ginger’s market knowledge and genuine encouragement was invaluable in guiding me through to a successful sale!

I did very well with the sale, but I wasn’t ready to reinvest in another home yet and having the money just sitting in my bank account, making virtually no interest, made no sense to me.

Once again I turned to Ginger and we worked together on one of her flip properties, and my return on investment was AMAZING! She was working with a great partner, Steve Hall, who taught me so much about the finding and flipping homes, and made me feel really comfortable.

She always kept me in the loop of the process and progress and once the project was complete, with the interest I earned, I was able to take some much needed time off, to visit my daughter and new grandson!

Then I took the original principle and rolled it over into her next project, which is going very well!

The excitement in both watching my money earn interest and see how these projects with Ginger turn out, is a great “win-win-win” experience!


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