Today’s Economy

Makes Passive Income More Important Today Than Ever Before!

As the stock market proves time and again to be a never-ending roller coaster ride, more and more investors are seeking safe and secure ways to invest their money.  And more and more, smart investors are learning how to become private money lenders and make better-than-market returns. 

We founded REI Signature Homes to turn “fixer-uppers” into quality rehabs that give private money lenders the opportunity to generate sound profits at better-than-market returns and in much less time than other investment opportunities offer.  REI Signature Properties uses proven methods such as “velocity banking” and “forced appreciation” to ensure that our private investor will get the returns we project. 

We consider our investors to be our partners. Our philosophy is that as your partner, we’re going to pay you better-than-market returns and put an end to the sickening roller-coaster ride of the stock market.

If you are not yet one of our private money lenders, make sure you reach out to us today. Whether you’re new to investing, or a seasoned investor looking to expand and stabilize your portfolio, we have the right rehab opportunity for you. 

Individuals who want better and faster returns on their IRAs, 401Ks, or other passive income sources can safely and comfortably invest in Rehabs.  Many people today are looking for these opportunities because of the sickening roller-coaster effects of the stock market – when it’s good, it’s really good and when it’s bad, it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. Rehabilitating a home will often have private money lenders seeing higher profits in less than a year.  

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get your Real Estate Investing done the right way with better-than-market returns.


Meet our Fantastic Leaders

Gary Massari

Founder and CEO of REI Fortunes

Gary Massari, Leading REI Coach & Trainer, Best Selling Author, Founder & CEO of REI Fortunes, a Premiere Real Estate Investment Training Company.

Gary started his real estate career working with Falender Properties, a local real estate developer who subdivided land and sold finished lots to custom home builders. Gary would find the land, work with Falender properties to subdivide it into finished lots and sell the lots to builders. He would then help them design and build their homes, then sell them to homebuyers. Soon Gary started building custom homes for his clients by joint venturing with contractors. This experience allowed Gary to work with clients to buy other speculative properties and soon, he was helping his clients buy commercial properties and create wealth with rentals, apartment buildings and shopping strips.

Today Gary turned his real estate experience into helping people get started in real estate investing, by wholesaling and rehabbing for profits, short term income strategies and helping them invest their profits for long term strategies, to purchase income producing assets to create wealth.

Gary is building a team of elite real estate investors and teaching them the fundamentals of investing and wealth creating strategies. This brings his team strong marketing systems and lead generating funnels, to provide a constant flow of leads. He is also teaching how to build private money sources to fund their deals. Whatever your real estate needs or goals, Gary has it all waiting for you! Be sure to attend his REI Meet up groups and wholesale and rehab workshops. Dates and times are under the event tab in REI Fortunes Website. You can also fill out his Master Wealth Plan Questionnaire and meet with him to see if his team is right for you.

There are three concepts that Gary stands by and which are the foundation of REI Fortunes: hands-on mentorship, affordable education, and a strong supportive community. These are the principles that he lives by.

Gary has seen time and again, people who should have succeeded in Real Estate Investing fail — and always for one of these four reasons:

  • No real mentoring,
  • No education (because what was available was not affordable),
  • No community to gain support, networking and knowledge from
  • Lack of personal belief.

Gary’s mission with REI Fortunes is a simple one: Give the people what they need to succeed!

Gary is noted for his very popular radio show in the San Francisco Bay area where he taught financial literacy to over 25,000 weekly listeners.

Gary runs several meet up groups to help his members achieve real estate success.  Today he puts on very affordable events teaching wholesaling with emphasis on pre-foreclosures.  His all-day workshops include a step-by-step paint by numbers handbook coupled with on-call coaching to help his students to close their first deal.  Gary states, “We are in one of the hottest real estate markets of our time!”

Gary is also a best-selling Amazon Author in four different categories, with more than 300 published works.

Worthy to note that through Gary’s mentoring programs, one of his top students rose to the level of a multi-millionaire building one of the fastest growing Fortune 5000 real estate companies today, while several others have developed healthy portfolios that have allowed them to retire early and live off their investments.

(925) 451-1619

Leweva Massari

Co Owner & Founder
Training officer
Leweva started her career as a loan processor and then starting building mortgage companies with her husband, Gary. Both Gary and Leweva, were managing partners in Diablo Funding Group, with over 58 branches and 1200 loan officers.

Leweva was one of the companies top trainers. She was running the companies while Gary was busy marketing them. Gary and Leweva also worked with builders and developers to subdivide land and build million dollar spec homes.

Leweva encouraged Gary to return to real estate to do Flx and Flips but because building companies were in their blood, Leweva motivated Gary to build another company, this time in real estate investing and training, thus REI Fortunes, LLC was born.


Ginger Crystal Faith

Co Founder
Acquisition Officer
Wealth Coach
Ginger began investing in real estate when she was 24. Her first purchase allowed her to set herself up for the next several years of building her own real estate empire. She started flipping homes in 1996, and again, she had tremendous success, which opened the door to offering courses & boot camps in “No Money Down” deals, flips, creative financing, asset protection & many other aspects of real estate. When she moved to California in 2002, she added Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Broker.

(925) 580-2231

Roy Krautstrunk

REI Contractor & Business Development Director

After being stationed on the east coast as a paratrooper in the US Army, Roy came back to California to pursue his interest in Building and Development. He built a successful Plumbing company and became a Master plumber for over 16 years. He ran a successful Casework Manufacturing Company and Became a General Contractor. Realizing the need for more housing in the State of California due to high costs and a housing crisis, Roy Became an expert in Modular construction, Starting his successful Manufacturing facility in 2015 in Stockton California where he was one of the first to bring Accessory Dwelling Units to market. Roy Holds 4 contractors licenses and A state license and certification o build Residencial and Commercial Modulars.