The Problem Today

Real Estate Investors lack a “Master Plan to Invest” and, as a result, are failing miserably.

Far too many people are completely clueless as to the key basics such as how to start, where to invest, how to invest, where to find the deals, and where to find the money. As a result, they jump from wholesaling to fix & flips to commercial, to notes without actually achieving the very reason they came into the real estate game: Cash flow & Wealth!

We founded REI Fortunes so that we can fix this problem of far too many failures.

The Leaders of REI Fortunes have each brought their unique talents and abilities as trainers, coaches, mentors, deal makers, etc. to form one of the most in-depth REI clubs today. We believe in strong mentorship, affordable education and community. These are the three concepts that are woven in to the fabric of our company.

Most Real Estate Training Programs are very expensive, somewhat pushy, full of hype, and do not offer live coaching and local mentorship from successful Real Estate Investors. The REI Solutions Leaders believe in hands-on mentorship, affordable education and community with strong support. It is the mentorship and coaching that produces a higher student success rate.

If you are not yet a member of our community, make sure you join today. Find out about our meet up groups, and our weekly training sessions. Find out what’s hot and what’s not, and start thinking about your ultimate master plan. As soon as you are ready, contact us so we can help you get your Real Estate Investing done the right way and help you become a success.


Meet our Fantastic Leaders

Gary Massari

Founder and CEO of REI Fortunes
Leading REI Coach & Trainer, Best Selling Author

There are three concepts that Gary stands by and which are the foundation of REI Fortunes: hands-on mentorship, affordable education, and a strong supportive community. These are the principles that he lives by.

Gary has seen time and again people who should have succeeded in Real Estate Investing fail and always for one of these three reasons: No real mentoring, no education (because what was available was not affordable), or no community to gain support, networking and knowledge from. Gary’s mission with REI Fortunes is a simple one: Give the people what they need to succeed!

He is a top real estate investor, real estate broker and trainer who ran a successful peak-performance school and trained over 3000 realtors, investors and loan officers to become top income earners. He was also the managing partner of the largest mortgage brokerage company in northern California.

Gary is noted for his very popular radio show in the San Francisco Bay area where he taught financial literacy to over 25,000 weekly listeners.

Gary helps to build his students, followers, and team members their own unique master plan to achieve their REI Wealth. The Ultimate master plan is actually three plans in one: a plan for their life, a plan for their business, and a plan to create wealth and cash flow. Gary works with each person to help them develop their unique strategies for a personal budget, debt retirement including mortgage debt, a 5-year income plan, a real estate purchasing schedule for properties and notes and a net worth balanc sheet to measure their wealth as they grow.

Gary is also a best-selling Amazon Author in four different categories, with more than 300 published works.

Worthy to note that through Gary’s mentoring programs, one of his top students rose to the level of a multi-millionaire building one of the fastest growing Fortune 5000 real estate companies today, while several others have developed healthy portfolios that have allowed them to retire early and live off their investments.

(925) 451-1619

Frank Verni

Co-Founder and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of REI Fortunes
Top Real Estate Investor and Coach

Frank Verni believes that real estate today is the safest and fastest way to financial security when done properly. Frank has found that the vast majority of people who came to him had zero net worth with no plans or knowledge on how to build a new financial future.

With more than 20 years of helping people buy, sell and invest in real estate successfully, and as s a licensed Real Estate Broker, Frank puts his knowledge and experience to work helping his clients and students to become successful in Real Estate Investments.

One of Frank’s outstanding accomplishments was owning and running 17 mortgage offices and trained over 1000 loan officers and Realtors.

Frank has appeared several times on “the Good Life” radio program in Sacramento and is currently hosting a very popular radio show called “Investor Profits Now.” He shares his experience and knowledge teaching financial literacy and various real estate investing techniques and strategies for the right markets.

One of the strategies that Frank’s listeners are excited about is how to use the bank’s money to pay off their debt including their mortgage in 1/3 the time.

Frank shows his students how to buy properties, using all cash, with some closing in two weeks or less. His students learn all types of buying and selling scenarios and understand how to make every transaction simple and stress free.

(916) 719-6161

Ginger Crystal Faith

Co-Founder and (PRO Public Relations Officer) of REI Fortunes
Real Estate Broker, REI Coach, Mentor & Trainer

Ginger started her Real Estate career as an investor when she was 24 years old, by buying a 6 family Victorian House outside of Boston. Since it was in an excellent location, with some sweat equity it was quickly fully rented, and she lived on the first floor for free, with the tenants paying all the expenses, and enjoyed a cash flow of about $500 per month.

Liking the cash flow, she took out a HELOC on the property, and bought another 6plex, then a nine unit, and kept rolling until she had enough to handle, and enjoyed the cash flow. By 1996 she had progressed into flips.  She had, by this time, got some great training and mentoring in No Money down deals, creative financing, asset protection and many other aspects of real estate.

By 2002, she was living in California and working as a Mortgage Broker, then a Real Estate Broker. In 2010 she started again acquiring properties to hold and to flip. To date, she has flipped over 56 properties.

As a co-founder of REI Fortunes, she She realized that although the years have been challenging, what she loves the most about the Real Estate profession is working with people of excellence and integrity, smart people you can count on, and mastermind with. It’s that interchange that makes life passionate and fulfilling. That’s what she helps to instill in the REI Fortunes students & members.

P.S. Want to see Ginger fix and flip a house?  Her latest flip will be featured on HGTV this upcoming Fall of 2018.

(925) 580-2231

Steve Hall

Co-Founder & CCO (Chief Coaching Officer) of REI Fortunes
Nationally Recognized Real Estate Investor & Distressed Property Management & Foreclosure Expert

Steve’s aim is to ensure that every potential real estate investor gets it right.  To that end, he’s dedicated the better part of two decades to coaching, training and mentoring people to help them create their own successful investment strategies and resulting income.

Recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in distressed property management and the foreclosure process, Steve Hall has been a successful business person for more than four decades.

Sought after as an expert and speaker in this industry, with an M.A. degree in Communications and B.A. in Business Administration, Steve has been involved with and coaches hundreds of real estate professionals through literally thousands of real estate transactions in nearly every state in the U.S.

He has also worked with several fortune 500 companies and founded a successful internet company.

Steve has been investing in real estate since 1995. As a nationally recognized real estate investor and coach, he has trained and coached under many of the greatest real estate experts throughout the U.S. Training agents, brokers and investors for a number of years, his knowledge and advice has enabled hundreds of real estate professionals to do thousands of deals and millions of dollars in business.

He is also sought after by other news and websites for his technical expertise in real estate, and he’s been featured on the HGTV network for flips.

(650) 368-2705

Denise Patterson

Co-Founder & CTO (Chief Training Officer) of REI Fortunes
Real Estate Investor, Trainer and Coach

Denise is a full time investor, living off her investments.

She is an expert at pre-foreclosures and now trains at workshops and classes. She also host and runs Make Money Now meetup groups in Northern California.

One thing that makes Denise different was how quickly she mastered Investing, and began immediately teaching others of her successes. Today she coaches and trains others to help them achieve success at a very fast rate!

She helps people that want to invest in Real Estate become financially free through her hands-on mentoring and coaching.

(415) 599-5337