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Many People Struggling with Foreclosure Do Not Know all Their Options. . .

And You Do Have Options!

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50% of all Foreclosures Could Have Been Prevented!

It’s been said that knowledge is power. What does that mean? It’s simple really, the more you know, the more you become in charge.

As long as the bank has you convinced that they’re calling all the shots, you have no power.

So let’s sit down and empower you and give you back a future!

Hi, I’m Calvin Scott and I’m a Foreclosure Specialist

There are far too many options available to you for you to just let the bank keep pushing your foreclosure along.

Most banks are interested in curing the loan, not helping you to save your home or your equity in those cases where the home may be beyond saving.

My time is yours. I’m sure you need somebody who can help you decide what is in the best interest of you and your family. I’d like to be that person for you. Grab a spot on my calendar. Let’s talk.


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Upon graduating from high school I attended college before being drafted into the US Army.

Most of my military service was in the pacific theater including South East Asia. After over thirteen years of military engagement, I found my way into the technical industry and obtained double associates.

Over the years my developed people skills were enhanced in learning how to help others and myself “unselfishly” and “sincerely” and that’s what led me into Real Estate.  My overall solution for people is the following:  To provide as much as possible Property Live-In Solutions– living in wellness. And to that degree, I am your Property Guy!

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I’m your property guy. It doesn’t cost you anything to give me a call.  Knowing your options not only gives you hope, it could be the first step in actually solving your problem. Let’s talk about your future.


Calvin Scott


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