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Many People Struggling with Foreclosure Do Not Know all Their Options. . .

And You Do Have Options!

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It’s been said that knowledge is power. What does that mean? It’s simple really, the more you know, the more you become in charge.

As long as the bank has you convinced that they’re calling all the shots, you have no power.

So let’s sit down and empower you and give you back a future!

Don Crozier – Sr. Mortgage Advisor and Foreclosure Expert

Don began in financial services in 1982, and rose to one of the top mortgage advisors in the mortgage industry in California. He contributes his success to his ability to listen to his clients needs and understand their goals and even struggles. Don became such a strong solutions advisor solving client problems his following grew and now he is in high demand as an advisor in all areas of mortgages.
Don realized early that not all loans are created equal and that some loans and banks actually took advantage of their borrowers, so he directed his expert knowledge and 29 years of experience to helping those who were trapped in the complicated foreclosure process. Today Don is helping people understand their rights and options and meets with them regularly to stop the foreclosure process or save their equity. He even buys their homes to save them paying them market value. To see if you qualify for Don’s options give him a call at 408-440-6620. People like Don and highly recommend his services, see the testimonies.


Rick Gordon – former Senior Manager with Lockheed Martin’s Missile Defense.


Rick has a strong technical and management background after 30 plus years in the aerospace industry. This combined with many years as a successful swim coach, tutoring high school students, charitable fundraising for his church and other activities not only demonstrates his technical abilities but his people skills. Rick loves working with people and has a terrific reputation in the community.

Life hasn’t always been this rewarding to Rick. After his dad passed away, watching his mother struggle after losing his dads pension and ultimately losing her home, Rick became more committed to helping others. Having successfully collaborated with Don on other activities during the past 30 years, Teaming with Don again made perfect sense. Together they care about you and developing solutions to your individual challenges! Rick knows the foreclosure law Civil Code 1695 and if anybody knows how to get out of foreclosure it is Rick!! Call him and see for yourself 408-464-4813.


Put the solution guys to work for you, after all Don and Rick offer their services free of cost or obligation. They’re honest, hardworking and they have integrity and most of all the people they help love them, no wonder they come highly recommended. You will come out for the better and that’s a promise they both will make! So go ahead and put all their experience and knowledge to work for you and let’s get these big banks out of your life once and for all. Call them and get the ball rolling as fast as you can, you will be glad you did

Don & Rick’s depth of knowledge and expertise in mortgages, credit and foreclosures absolutely unsurpassed my expectations. I will always call on them and use them. Thank you both for saving my life!

Jonathan N

Don & Rick, are great communicators and answered all our questions and concerns, we are so happy they gave us a courtesy call

Javier S.

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Name: Don Crozier & Rick Gordon
Company Name: Crozier & Gordon Solutions Property Advisors
Address: 3014 Ramona St Palo Alto, CA 94306
Phone Numbers:
Rick – (408) 464-4813
Don – (408) 883-1112