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I Stop Foreclosure

And I can Help You Stop Yours Too!

Do You Know all Your Options? 

If You Don’t, Then You Owe It to Yourself to Find Out!

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50% of All Foreclosures Could Have Been Avoided!

It’s been said that knowledge is power. What does that mean? It’s simple really, the more you know, the more you become in charge.

As long as the bank has you convinced that they’re calling all the shots, you have no power. So let’s empower you and give you back a future!

Hi, I am Michael Lucas. I am here to Help You Stop Your Foreclosure.

Real estate is my passion and has been right out of college. When I graduated from Iowa State University with a BS degree I started in the service industry, but real estate kept my interest and when I learned about distressed properties and how the banks were foreclosing on owners I knew I had to make a change. After my first rehab working with a distressed owner and selling that home to an elderly buyer, I knew this is where I wanted to be. Now I help people stop their foreclosures by sharing options with them they never knew they had. Did you know that 50% of all foreclosures could have been avoided had people known their rights and options? In 10 minutes at no cost or obligation I will share with you every conceivable option available to you. Call me before it’s too late: 510-304-8750



I’m 86 years old and my HOA sent me a letter saying they were foreclosing on me because I did not make my payments and now I owe them $8,000 of which I don’t have the money.  After Lucas and his company renegotiated with my HOA, I was able to work a payment plan and now I can stay in my home.  Thank you so much! 


I got a letter from Bank of America that they were going to file a notice of default and that I had 90 days to make the back payments I owed them.  I did not have $22,000 nor did I know where I could borrow such a sum.  Michael and his company stopped by and suggested that I offer my friends and family a promissory note secured by my home giving them 2% in points and 10% interest for the next 5 years paying back $476.78 monthly.  My brother Frank would not loan me the money, but after Michael talked with him he said yes.   How can I thank Michael and his company who saved my home.