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Thursday, October 18, 2018 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

La Quinta Inn, 46200 Landing Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538


Our Special Guests will be Lori Greymont, CEO and President of SJREI!


Topic: There is a hero in everyone of us!

About Lori:

SEO and President of SJREI, the Bay Area’s leading, nationally recognized real estate investors association — Lori Greymont is a serial entrepreneur and developer based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

In 2014, she purchased the largest San Francisco Bay Area real estate investment association (SJREI) and was able to double membership in less than 9 months. In addition, she doubled the revenues of this company by implementing programs to create monthly recurring revenue.

Lori’s real estate experience includes remotely rehabbing and flipping over 1600 sfr’s nationwide to hedge funds from 2011-2014, ground-up development of multifamily communities, zoning changes of infill lots to PUD’s and commercial, syndications and funds.

Lori’s shares some of the most trying times in her life, then reflects on how those times propelled her to do amazing things including 1600 flips and running the largest investment club in the Bay Area!

Come to here her story and be inspired by one to the most accomplished real estate investors the Bay Area!

Join the fastest growing Meetup Group in the United States!

Past Meetups:

Thursday, September 20, 2018 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

La Quinta Inn, 46200 Landing Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538


Our Special Guests will be Gary Massari, founder and CEO of REI Fortunes!


Topic: Making Connections, Doing Deals & Making Money!

About Gary

There are three concepts that Gary stands by and which are the foundation of REI Fortunes: hands-on mentorship, affordable education, and a strong supportive community.

Gary has seen time and again people who should have succeeded in Real Estate Investing fail and always for one of these three reasons: No real mentoring, no education (because what was available was not affordable), or no community to gain support, networking and knowledge. Gary’s mission is a simple one: Give the people what they need to succeed!

He is a top real estate investor, real estate broker and trainer who ran a successful peak-performance school and trained over 3000 realtors, investors and loan officers to become top income earners. He was also the managing partner of the largest mortgage brokerage company in northern California.

Gary helps to build his students, followers, and team members their own unique master plan to achieve their Wealth. The Ultimate master plan is actually 3 plans in one: one for their life, one for their business, and one to create wealth and cash flow. Gary works with each person to help develop unique strategies for a personal budget, debt retirement including mortgage debt, a 5-year income plan, a real estate purchasing schedule for properties and notes and a net worth balance sheet to measure their wealth as they grow.

Gary is also a best-selling Amazon Author in four different categories, with more than 300 published works.

Worthy to note that through Gary’s mentoring programs, one of his top students rose to the level of a multi-millionaire building one of the fastest growing Fortune 5000 real estate companies today, while several others have developed healthy portfolios that have allowed them to retire early and live off their investments.

Gary Massari is the founder of REI Fortunes and offers live training workshops on wholesaling. To find out more about his training workshops visit

Join the fastest growing Meetup Group in the United States!

Four Points Sheraton, Pleasanton, CA Thursday, September 6, 2018 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

 Four Points Sheraton, 5115 Hopyard Rd · Pleasanton, CA

Our Special Guest will be Tom Braegelmann, Co-Founder of Secured Real Estate Income Strategies, LLC!


Topic: Good Deal Bad Deal Workshop!

You will learn the five most important points to look for when evaluating deals. Tom makes it easy!

About Tom

Tom is a co-founder of Secured Real Estate Income Strategies, LLC and is a manager and part-owner of the Company. Tom is also the Company’s senior Fund Manager.

Since September 2011 he has been the Chief Executive Officer and managing member of GCA Equity Partners, LLC and is an accomplished entrepreneur, fund manager and private lending mentor offering a wealth of experience and knowledge gained during his 30+ year career in real estate investing, commercial construction, land development and private lending. Through careful investment analysis and emphasis on secured investments, as well as the development of the unique National Construction Lending Alliance™ program,

Tom and his partners have shown a consistent track record of delivering double digit returns to their investors on short-term, passive real estate investments. With Tom’s leadership, and through the development of the National Construction Lending Alliance™ program, GCA participated in the funding of more than $100 million in real estate transactions nationwide in under 18 months. As a native of Central Minnesota, Tom previously served as owner and CEO of a private real estate investment company, with a portfolio comprised of several hundred multi-family apartment units, residential and commercial complexes, and single-family homes.

With a passion for facilitating and teaching collaborative real estate investing, Tom donates his time and serves as a well-respected, highly sought after mentor and teacher for a group of more than 400 passive real estate investors around the country. He also founded and hosts a monthly REIA/Private Investment club with over 2100 members in the San Francisco Bay area.

Tom is committed to giving back to the community and building sustainable cash flow for passive real estate investors.

Join the fastest growing Meetup Group in the United States!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Holiday Inn Dublin, 6680 Regional Street · Dublin, CA


Our Special Guest Is Jake Adams, President of Adams Accounting.


Topic: Tax Benefits of Owning, Buying and Flipping Real Estate

About Jake

Jake is founder and president of Realtor Tax Strategy, focused on educating real estate investors and agents about tax deductions as well as preparing tax returns.

Jake lives in Dublin and works out of his home office so he can stay close to his family: His wife Vicki and two sons, Nathan (7) and Isaac (4) and Valarie (1).

Jake has been practicing tax and accounting for nine years and earned his CPA in 2013. Jake’s driving passion is to work closely with Realtors and investors as they navigate the waters of the complicated tax code and to feel that his advice and experience has a positive impact in people’s lives.

Tax topic outline:
  • Tax benefits of owning/buying/flipping Real Estate
  • Depreciation and deductions, LLC or S-Corp?
  • Write-off’s, top 10 tax mistakes
  • New 2018 tax law changes – what you need to know

There will be time for business networking at dinner and after the meeting so be sure you bring your business brochures and cards for our Business Showcase Table.

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