Kyle Marek – foreclosure specialist, shares his first time out with his mentor Gary Massari.

Knocking on doors of people in foreclosure doesn’t sound like fun, but you couldn’t tell Steve that, he loves helping people!

Steve Williams on the job training with Gary Massari.

“I have been investing with REI Fortunes Team for the last couple of years and am very satisfied working with Gary and the team. They ahve been very responsive to my inquiries. I have been very impressed by the Teams knowledge in all phases of project development.  They kept me informed thru the whole project.

John H.

I joined Gary and his team in 2017 and since then have flipped 5 homes in the last 18 months. The education is affordable, and surpassed my expectations. The mentorship MORE than paid itself back on my first deal. The education really helped me to think outside the box on how to find deals. To me, the most important thing is that Gary and his team care about my success and he takes the time to talk to me. I would highly recommend Gary (and his Leadership Team) as a mentors.
Coby Lewis

I have been an executive in a fortune 500 company and have run a successful nationwide multifamily wholesaling investing and training company. When I met Gary I was extremely impressed with his mentorship and coaching skills. His exceptional knowledge and success to share marketing techniques that works is the core of a successful business. If I can learn from Gary anyone can improve and grow their business. I am fortunate to know Gary as a business associate but more importantly I am proud to call him my friend.
Mark Brisebois

I spent more than $20,000 learning, refining and testing my Internet marketing program that generated me with nothing. But with REI Wholesaling workshop I’ve found real estate learning process is a journey, not a destination and my REI On-Call Coaching has provided me a weekly learning forum that makes it easy access leading-edge ideas on a weekly basis. My responsibility is to be proactive with these ideas and put them into action, the results of which helped me to have success without the pain, mistakes and all the expenses I went through.” I highly recommend REI Fortunes One-Day Wholesaling workshop!
Joseph Johnson

I am seasoned real estate agent and investor doing wholesales and flips. I had no idea when I signed on to Gary Massari’s One Day Wholesaling Workshop what I was in for.
The workshop was first class, and trainers knew their materials. I loved the step by step teaching where they read from a text book, expounded their experiences and engage us to answer questions to remember the lessons. When I put the scripts they taught us to work in the field they were highly effective and I found the homeowners highly responsive.

I also purchased Gary’s Done For You Marketing Package and was surprised to see how nicely the website design and marketing materials, like business brochure, postcards, door hangers and even business cards were.

You can truly start a successful business with Gary, it’s worth every penny I paid. You have to come to see it yourself to believe it. Gary’s workshop and marketing system beats them all!!!!

Leonora Cruz

I am currently a general contractor and I was looking for a company that would be able to help me to start my real estate career I was looking for fix and flips to start out with but when I saw an opportunity that Gary Massari had available that I came across at a real estate meet up put on by Gary Massari REI fortunes. So I signed up and on a given Saturday I attended an all day workshop I was really impressed with the pre-foreclosure fortunes and being able to help people or present other options they are not aware of. They also had me role playing in an actual situation with a live homeowner.
Also they gave us a handbook to use to for more information and learning to start the pre foreclosure business great book and along with the book I learned how to optimize my profit following Gary’s deal analyzer to see if it is a good deal or bad deal. The guest speakers were amazing, I especially enjoyed Kathy Fettke, who shared about the hot markets throughout our country. I thought her plan to retire rich with rentals was right on! I also enjoyed Raul Luna, who shared he just closed a wholesale deal for $400,000, I had no idea you can make that kind of money in wholesaling. I thought the price I paid to hear those two speakers was worth it alone. If you are starting real estate Gary’s workshops and meetups is the place to be. One more thing to add that I signed up with Gary’s Done For You Marketing System, and it is a great way get a jump start on your very own business I am very happy with his team and I have never had an opportunity like this with any other real estate guru that promise you lot’s of things and never comes through so I am recommending Gary Massari’s Wholesaling workshop and Marketing System thumbs up.
Steve Williams

Gary invited a few us to his home after the workshop event and done for you marketing package to review with us implementation strategies. I have been to a lot of workshops, events, and seminars and spent thousands of dollars and never have I experienced anything like this.
My experience has always been after they got my money I would never hear from them except to sell me something else, not true with Gary, he cares about our success and goes out of the way to mentor us and help us. I fully endorse Gary and his company REI Fortunes. The best education with practical applications that anyone can do!
Calvin Scott