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I Stop Foreclosure

And I can Help You Stop Yours Too!

Do You Know all Your Options? 

If You Don’t, Then You Owe It to Yourself to Find Out!

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50% of All Foreclosures Could Have Been Avoided!

It’s been said that knowledge is power. What does that mean? It’s simple really, the more you know, the more you become in charge.

As long as the bank has you convinced that they’re calling all the shots, you have no power. So let’s empower you and give you back a future!

Hi, I am Wayne Lucas. I am here to Help You Stop Your Foreclosure.

Wayne has been self-employed running a glass and shower business since he was 25 years old. Clients loved his quality work, integrity, and honesty and started referring Wayne to their friends and soon his business grew to one of the top glass glazier in the Northern CaliforniaThis same dedication to servicing his clients now is directed towards the real estate industry helping people solve their foreclosure issues.   

Wayne always loved real estate and bought his first home 23 years of age, then went on to buy apartment buildings and strip malls. He became a top real estate investor and consultant and now enjoys helping others make sound decisions with their properties. Wayne loves making deals and making it work for everyone on win-win basis.  If you are facing foreclosure Wayne can seriously help you, call him for a no cost no obligation meeting…


Outstanding!!! Wayne was great! When it comes to any type of remodeling work, I’m highly skeptical due to bad experiences with that industry.” 

Linda B.

Thank you Wayne for sharing your options with me, you literally saved my home from foreclosure and now I can live peacefully.

Gary J.

Wayne stopped my foreclosure with the auction a week away!  Your AWESOME Wayne!

Michelle L.

I had no other option left but to sell my home, but the offers I was getting were sickening!  Wayne paid me top dollar and helped me move as well.  I would highly recommend Wayne to everyone facing foreclosure.”

Jackie B.